See how Netgenium integrates with Hikvision NVR.

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Netgenium are excited to partner with Hikvision, the world’s leading provider of innovative video surveillance products and solutions.

Our initial integration combines the range of Netgenium internal and external IP PoE speakers and Hikvision’s NVR and CCTV cameras. Audio files stored on the IP Speakers can be triggered from events sent across the IP Network from the NVR.

VMD from a camera can automatically command a single or group of IP speakers to play an announcement stored on the IP speaker itself.

Alternatively, a physical trigger from an NVR alarm input could also command a single or group of IP Speakers to play an announcement again stored on the IP speaker itself.

Hikvision NVR Integration Flyer

Examples of events that can trigger the NVR to talk to Netgenium devices.

How can the integration be used?

  • Automatically play security announcements if movement detected in secure areas.
  • Automatically announce welcome messages when visitors arrive.
  • Automatically announce special offers to customers in a retail environment.
  • Activate a site wide lockdown message. See more about our lockdown alarm system solution.

What are the features of the integrated solution?

  • Communication from the NVR to IP PoE Speakers via the IP network.
  • Motion detection on CCTV cameras trigger IP Speaker pre-recorded announcements.
  • Alarm input on NVR triggers IP PoE Speaker pre-recorded announcements.
  • NVR can command single or multiple IP PoE Speakers to play announcements.
  • NVR/Camera schedules can determine the times of day that announcements are played.