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Lockdown Alarm System

Lockdown Alarm Systems are becoming more and more commonplace in settings such as schools, colleges, universities, shopping centres and many other public and private environments.

An audio solution is an integral part of a full Lockdown Alarm System, meaning that an audible alert is heard while other lockdown functions such as doors locking, CCTV recording and emails being sent are being activated.

It is also key that any audible lockdown alarms are distinguishable from existing systems such as a Fire Alarm or Class Change in a school.

The Netgenium IP Audio system offers many features, such as:

High-quality audio via IP speakers

High quality live or pre-recorded audio announcements via IP Speakers installed on the local IP network.

High-quality audio via Netgenium Audio Gateway

High quality live or pre-recorded audio announcements via an IP Audio Gateway connected to an existing analogue speaker system.

Activation flexibility

Multiple methods of activating lockdown such as a swipe of a smart card, a push of a button or a click of a mouse.

Events that suit your requirements

Multiple events when Lockdown is triggered such as: play a Lockdown Alarm from IP speakers and/or IP Audio Gateway, send email, trigger outputs on IP Speakers and/or IP Audio Gateway and send IP commands to other IP devices.

Integration with third-party systems

Integration with third-party systems where our NGxControl Plus software triggers I/O or sends IP commands to activate other security solutions such as access control or CCTV.

Other systems’ integration with Netgenium

Integration with third-party systems where NGxControl Plus software sees an I/O trigger or receives an IP command from other security solutions and then plays audio announcements from the Netgenium IP Audio system.

Associated Netgenium Products

The Lockdown Alarm System solution takes advantage of these Netgenium products. Click the tile to find out more about each one:

Netgenium IP Speaker Range


Netgenium Audio Gateway


NGxControl Plus PC/Server Software



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