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Meet the AUG3201-IP

The AUG3201-IP Audio Gateway is the link between analogue and IP audio. Taking analogue audio from a source such as an NVR or microphone, the Audio Gateway will stream the audio across an IP LAN to a group of IP PoE speakers.

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The AUG3201-IP Audio Gateway will also take an IP audio stream from applications such as public address, pre-recorded message broadcast or scheduled announcements and send to a traditional amplifier or 8 Ohm speaker. The Audio Gateway also integrates with SIP IP Telephony systems.

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See below for the headline features of the AUG3201-IP Audio Gateway:

Native IP Device

Our speakers connect to your IP network. They’re simple to install and easily configured and managed with a web browser.

Power over Ethernet

IP Audio Gateways are powered and connected to the IP network with a single cable, making them easy to deploy and manage. The on-board audio amplifier is powered by IEEE802.3af or IEEE802.3at PoE depending on the power consumption.

Prioritised Audio

Our IP Audio Gateways support up to nine levels of announcement priority to make sure the most important announcements are always played.

Flex I/O

Each Audio Gateway features four Flex Inputs and four Flex Outputs. Each Flex I/O is configurable through the browser interface, providing flexible configuration options for attached I/O, such as playing a pre-recorded audio message, triggering an output or sending an IP event across the IP network.


Use Netgenium PolicyServer or NGxControl PC software to add features such as public address, scheduled messaging and music streaming to your IP speaker installation. Click the links for more information on PolicyServer or NGxControl.

IP Integration

Netgenium IP Audio Gateways integrate with various CCTV VMS software, CCTV hardware, CCTV monitoring centre software and IP telephony systems. View our Integration section for more information.

Tech Specs

Model No

1 No. 10/100 Base TX Ethernet RJ45

Supported Codecs
G711 uLaw, G711 ALaw, PCM
Wav 11.025 Khz, Wav 22.05 Khz, Wav 44.1 Khz, Wav 48 Khz

Onboard I/O
No 4 Flex Inputs (Requires Digital 0v contact)
No 4 Flex Outputs (12V switched –ve)
Flex I/O can be used for local announcements, IP events and PolicyServer control

Power Supply
Power over Ethernet IEEE820.3af

Case Diameter: 203mm
Net Weight: 700g


AUG3201-IP Datasheet   Available to Buy

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