See how Netgenium integrates with Milestone.


The Netgenium MIP plugin for Milestone System’s XProtect server extends real-time control of Netgenium’s physical security, intelligent audio and lighting control solutions into the Milestone Smart Client application.

The plugins interaction with PolicyServer provides access to and control of all Netgenium’s end points. This enables an interactive and visual representation of all security devices on the Smart Client MAP interface.

Milestone XProtect Collaboration Flyer

The Milestone XProtect Smart Client with Netgenium integration.

What does this solution allow?

  • Each operator can now have a streamlined and tailored console showing live status information and providing control at the click of a mouse button.
  • Intelligent Audio provides the operator with access to all the pre-recorded announcements stored on PolicyServer and the ability to select and play the announcements over selected paging zones or individual speakers. Live ad-hoc announcements can be made using the pc’s microphone and Push to Talk feature of the plugin.
  • Access Control provides live status of secured doors as well as the ability to control individual or groups of doors.
  • Lighting Control provides live status information and control of lighting areas, pre-defined on PolicyServer.
  • All controls are presented as context menus on the map or in the easy-to-use control panel.