Netgenium announce the integration of Netgenium IP PoE Speakers and Hikvision HikCentral VMS

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Netgenium and Hikvision have released the first version of the HikCentral VMS integration. For more information see the Hikvision Integration section.

Netgenium have partnered with Hikvision offering an integrated solution that combines Netgenium’s IP PoE Speaker products and Hikvision’s HikCentral VMS Platform.

The integration gives a HikCentral user the ability to ‘Talk to’ or ‘Listen to’ Netgenium IP PoE Speakers via the HikCentral Control Client software.

This solution allows –

– Users to make announcements to speakers on the local network
– Users to make announcements to speakers on the wide area network
– Third party monitoring companies to make announcements to their customers sites

Features of the integrated solution include –

– Communication from HikCentral to IP PoE Speakers via the IP network
– IP PoE speaker selection and IP PoE speaker control is accessed via IP Camera Live View or
by clicking on icons on the HikCentral Mapping Feature
– Ability to ‘talk to’, ‘listen to’ and adjust volume of IP PoE Speakers through the speaker control interface

Integration flyer


Netgenium announce integration of Netgenium IP PoE Speakers and Hikvision NVR

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Netgenium are excited to partner with Hikvision, the world’s leading provider of innovative video surveillance products and solutions.

For more information see the Hikvision Integration section.

Our initial integration combines the range of Netgenium IP PoE speakers and Hikvision’s NVR and CCTV cameras. Audio files stored on the IP Speakers can be triggered from events sent across the IP Network from the NVR.

VMD from a camera can automatically command a single or group of IP speakers to play an announcement stored on the IP speaker itself.

Alternatively, a physical trigger from an NVR alarm input could also command a single or group of IP Speakers to play an announcement again stored on the IP speaker itself.

This solution could be used in many circumstances on a site including –

  • Automatically play security announcements if movement detected in secure areas
  • Automatically announce welcome messages when visitors arrive
  • Automatically announce special offers to customers in a retail environment
  • Activate a site wide lockdown message

Features of the integrated solution include –

  • Communication from the NVR to IP PoE Speakers via the IP network
  • Motion detection on CCTV cameras trigger IP Speaker pre-recorded announcements
  • Alarm input on NVR triggers IP PoE Speaker pre-recorded announcements
  • NVR can command single or multiple IP PoE Speakers to play announcements
  • NVR/Camera schedules can determine the times of day that announcements are played

Netgenium and HIK Integration flyer


Quality Essential Distribution become a Netgenium Authorised Distribution partner

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Quality Essential Distribution (QED) are the latest Distributor to partner with Netgenium to offer the range of IP PoE products and solutions.

If you would like a quotation please contact the QED sales team on –

Quality Essential Distribution
Unit 445 Oakshott Place
Walton Summit Centre
Bamber Bridge

t: +44 (0) 01772 336 111
w: www.qedgroup.co.uk
e: sales@qedgroup.co.uk

Monitor Computer Systems

Monitor Computer Systems integrate Netgenium IP PoE Speakers into Sentinel Alarm Monitoring Software

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Monitor Computer Systems

Netgenium are pleased to announce the integration between our range of IP PoE Speakers and Sentinel Alarm Monitoring software.

For more information see the Sentinel Integration section.

A Sentinel user can now select an IP Speaker from the speaker list or alternatively use the audio controls presented in the CCTV image to make announcements. And there is a choice – either make live announcements to an IP Speaker via a local microphone or command the IP Speaker to play a pre-recorded audio file stored on the IP speaker itself.

Installing a Netgenium IP PoE Audio Gateway product on the customer site will enhance the solution to provide the Sentinel user with the ability to make live announcements to groups of speakers.

NBM and Netgenium Launch New Partnership agreement

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NBM & Netgenium Launch New Distribution Partnership

Netgenium Systems unique set of IP Power over Ethernet products can now be purchased through NBM Distribution in Hertfordshire.

NBM Technology Solutions

Glenn Fletcher, Sales and Marketing Director for Netgenium Systems said, “This is a perfect alliance. NBM Distribution understands Data Networking and IP Technologies. They are able to support our resellers throughout the UK who understand the physical layer from a network infrastructure perspective, and who also want to work with distribution that are comfortable discussing Physical Security and Converged Technologies over IP. Our products are designed to be connected onto the network cable infrastructure, communicate through IP addressing and are all Powered over Ethernet using industry standard PoE switches and splitters. With NBM also being partners of global manufactures of PoE products, Video Surveillance offerings and Data Cabling solutions they are able to specify, support and assist any reseller that wishes to add an Intelligent Building solution over IP to their customers.

Danny Kindell, Managing Director of NBM, is very pleased with the new partnership. “We have recently expanded a broad and innovative IP technology product range to complement our existing core capabilities of supplying Data Cabling Solutions, so whenever we look to commence new partnerships in this emerging marketplace it is vital we only bring on products that will increase the quality of our offering.

Netgenium certainly do that by manufacturing a truly unique set of IP PoE Products that offer so much in terms of intelligent building management and unified communications. We are proud to announce this new partnership and see that this product range will be of great benefit to our customers.”

Netgenium Systems Ltd is a UK based manufacturer that offers the following products to the channel. IP PoE Speakers and Audio solutions, IP PoE Access Control, IP PoE LED Lighting and IP Power Controllers. They also have software offerings that enable policies to be set in place to control all of their hardware components. This technology can be integrated with IP Telephony and 3rd party VMS offerings such as Milestone XProtect, Axis cameras and Mobotix solutions to name just a few.

Netgenium and Broxap team up to deploy the IP PoE Lighting at TFGM Cycle Hubs

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Netgenium have partnered with building specialist Broxap to deploy the first IP PoE LED lighting solution in the UK and probably the first in the world.

Transport For Greater Manchester are building Cycle Hubs throughout the Greater Manchester area to promote cycling as a method of commuting.

They identified a requirement for an energy efficient lighting solution for the hubs, with the ability to control the lights remotely from their CCTV security platform to enhance and aid security.

Each light is an IP device and powered from Power over Ethernet. With no mains infrastructure or containment to install the installation was more straight forward and less costly.

Each light fitting is configurable with a web browser and has sensor capability. Lux and motion sensors are used at the cycle hub. During daylight hours the lights are off. A subdued light level is maintained during from dusk to dawn when the cycle hub is unoccupied to save energy.

Access to the cycle hub is secured by Netgenium’s Access Control and PolicyServer. When a user is granted access the lighting is boosted to 100% and maintained at that level by local sensors whilst the hub is occupied.

Netgenium’s IP PoE emergency light fittings were also designed into the building infrastructure. As it’s powered by PoE, the emergency light has battery backup at the cabinet through UPS. Each emergency fitting also includes a local battery for added resilience.

The Lighting Revolution Is Here

Netgenium announce Milestone Integration

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The Netgenium MIP plugin for Milestone System’s XProtect server extends real-time control of Netgenium’s physical security, intelligent audio and lighting control solutions into the Milestone Smart Client application.

The plugins interaction with PolicyServer provides access to and control of all of Netgenium’s end points. This enables an interactive and visual representation of all security devices on the Smart Client MAP interface.


Each operator can now have a streamlined and tailored console showing live status information and providing control at the click of a mouse button.

Intelligent Audio provides the operator with access to all of the pre-recorded announcements stored on PolicyServer and the ability to select and play the announcements over selected paging zones or individual speakers. Live ad-hoc announcements can be made using the pc’s microphone and Push To Talk feature of the plugin.

Access Control provides live status of secured doors as well as the ability to control individual or groups of doors.


Lighting Control provides live status information and control of lighting areas, pre-defined on PolicyServer.

All controls are presented as context menus on the map or in the easy to use control panel.