Lighting Control

Netgenium Power And Lighting Controllers provide an industry leading solution for intelligent lighting control.

Eight port controllers provide granular control of lighting through switchable mains output ports.

Ports can be controlled individually or as part of a group from a local rulebase on the controller or by PolicyServer.

PolicyServer's flexible rulebase provides the ability to create intelligent lighting solutions.

Policies controlling lighting areas can be triggered from any incoming event, or by internal triggers generated by time schedules.

Any external event (from PIR's etc) can be tested against time and day schedules. During working hours a PIR trigger can be a call for light, out or hours it can be treat as a security event or ignored.

When combined with presence detection, intelligent lighting can be a powerful energy saving tool. Deployments in student accommodation have realised significant ROI when used with access control and the WGR3604-WR slotted smart card reader.