NGxView is a standalone VMS software application for edge storage cameras with live view, playback and record facilities.

The basis of the software is a video matrix capable of displaying 1 to 16 cameras.

NGxView integrates Netgenium IP devices into your video world. This gives operators fingertip control of IP access controlled doors. The ability to make live announcements over IP speakers and groups of speakers with the PTT (Push To Talk) function of the software.

Control of lighting is just as straightforward with On/Off control of mains switched lighting via our IP lighting controllers and On/Off or dimming control or our exciting new range or PoE LED lighting.

A simple object orientated approach to configuration makes it easy to add new devices and Map Overlays provide a pictorial representation of the layout. Devices are selectable from the Map Overlay or the device list view. Viewing a camera or selecting a speaker zone is as easy as clicking an icon.