Lighting Control

LED lighting has been with us for almost 10 years and the benefits over traditional, incandescent and gas discharge lighting are well documented by now.

Power over Ethernet has been with us for a little longer and Netgenium Systems as a business was founded on the technology in 2003.

PoE standards are developing rapidly, with the industry predicting that power delivery from a single switch port will exceed 200W. At the same time LED technology is becoming more and more efficient with the lumens per watt ratio improving year on year.

In 2012 the available power per port figure reached 60W, this was the trigger for Netgenium to develop their PoE LED lighting solution. The first deployment in the UK went live in June 2014.

Like every other Netgenium device each IP light fitting and driver module is a network device, making each light fitting controllable individually or as part of one or more groups.

Each device has local intelligence and sensor capability, making each light fitting a standalone solution, if required.

However, the greatest benefit of IP lighting is system integration and making the lighting and the building work for you.

Console applications (standalone Netgenium apps or third party integrations) have the ability to control lights or groups of lights from laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone.

PolicyServer provides a fully automated and integrated solution, providing policy based control and event management.