Intelligent Audio

Netgenium System's Intelligent Audio devices (IP Speakers, IP Induction Loops and IP Audio Gateways), when combined with PolicyServer, provide a highly effective Public Address system.

Designed entirely as a network solution, each device has a network presence and is powered from PoE.

Configuration is simple by using a web browser and the system is granular as each device boasts its own audio amplifier.

PolicyServer's flexible rulebase and integration with third party telephony and CCTV applications help to make the Netgenium Intelligent Audio solution an industry leader.

As each device is individually addressable, Audio Zoning becomes infinitely flexible as each speaker can be a member of multiple zones.

All Netgenium devices feature flexible I/O enabling event triggered announcements.

Meanwhile, comprehensive Time, Day & Date Schedules facilitate scheduled announcements.

A comprehensive integration with IP telephony allows live announcements from a telephone handset on a per zone basis.

Live announcements can also be made from integrated CCTV smart consoles and the dedicated NGx consoles.