Selected Case Studies

HRC occupy two state of the art campuses in Broxbourne and Ware in the county of Hertfordshire.

The technical specification of all buildings included a shared Cisco equipped network infrastructure and IP telephony system. Physical access control was required on all buildings and had to be centrally managed. The access control specification also required integrated intercoms on all carpark barriers along with remote control of barriers from multiple locations.

Netgenium's ALK3702-IP PoE lock controllers and Wiegand card readers provided the basis for the access control solution. The ability to power standard magnetic locking hardware from PoE saved installing mains power to every door location. With over 300 doors to manage accross all sites this proved to be a considerable cost benefit.

As with every Netgenium solution, PolicyServer sits at the core. With every sutudent requiring an access card, high on the colleges wish list easease of management. Netgenium provided the college with their database API which gave the college the ability to automatically add and remove students from the system as well as grant students access rights accoeding to the time tabling application.

Netgenium's intercoms were fitted at the car park barriers and integrated into the Cisco IP telephony system. This allows almost infinite flexibility when answering calls for access. Calls can be redirected according to time of day and barrier control transfered to the answering handset.