Selected Case Studies

In 2010 one of the most prominent university colleges in the United Kingdom commenced a refurbishment of their student hostel accommodation.

Having previously deployed the Netgenium Access Control solution across the campus, the college expressed a desire to extend the system into the refurbished building. One of the design briefs of the project was to save energy where ever possible and intelligent lighting control was high on the agenda.

The Architect's brief was to control access to the Hostel entrances and student rooms, intelligently sense when the room was occupied by the student and enable lighting and heating to the room.

The proposal was to deploy standard access control to hostel entrances and rooms and use the Netgenium Lighting Controllers to enable intelligent lighting. Sensing room occupancy required a new product. Netgenium designed a new model of Wiegand card reader, the WGR3604-WR.

This reader provides a slot into which the smart card is placed, authenticated against Netgenium's PolicyServer, then the room is deemed to be occupied. The WGR3604-WR continues to poll the card and maintains the occupied state of the room for as long as the individuals card is present in the reader's slot. Both the lighting and heating are controlled by the Netgenium Lighting Controllers and Digital Outputs of the Lock Controllers under control of PolicyServer.