Selected Case Studies

In September 2011, Bourneville College relocated to a new £66 million purpose built, state of the art campus in Longbridge.

With physical access control and Cisco IP telephony already deployed throughout the campus, the college has motorised gates securing the vehicular access points. A requirement for intercoms at their motorised gates along with remote control of the gates was identified.

Netgenium's intercom panel integration with Cisco Call Manager means that any call for access is handled by the phone system, providing the flexibility to route calls according to time of day and providing two way audio with any Cisco telephone handset.

The college required remote control of the gates to be transferred to any answering handset, this was achieved configuring a Cisco Phone Services and deploying in to selected handsets. This enabled the handsets to communicate with the lock controllers controlling the gates over the network

An unforeseen challenge was the inability of the existing lock controllers to communicate with the telephone handsets directly. This was quickly overcome by deploying Netgenium ALK3701-IP lock controllers at each gate and using the 'clean contacts' of the controller to trigger the gate mechanism.