Access Control

Netgenium invented the IP PoE Lock Controller in 2003 and deployed their first Access Control system using the technology in 2004.

Recognition from the industry followed in 2005 with awards for the technology at both the IIPSEC and IFSEC security exhibitions.

Designed as a network solution from the ground up with no legacy bus architecture, the solution scales to thousands of doors.

PolicyServer is the centralised management software at the heart of every Netgenium system.

Authentication events from end devices are sent to the server and processed by the flexible, configurable, policy rulebase. Once authenticated, any combination of actions can be configured.

From something as simple as un-locking a door to a full building lock down is possible. All of the features of a traditional access control system and more are configurable.

The real benefit of using the network as a common platform, of course, is the interoperability with other Netgenium and third party solutions.

Authentication events can be used as a trigger for many things. For example, a call for light or a trigger for pre-recorded announcements.

Third party integration's include Event Based CCTV recording and IP Door entry (integrated with IP Telephony).